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The area of Pioneer Commerce Park is between N. Flagler Ave US1 and between N.E. 4th Dr. and S.E. 2nd Dr. in Homestead, FL. For a visual representation, click the "MAP" link on the left-hand navigation bar. 

As our sidewalk project is in progress, please be advised that we must keep the area where the sidewalks are being located, clear so that the work is not delayed by having to wait for a dumpster or a vehicle to be moved. The concrete also needs at least 72 hours to cure before any real weight can be put on it. As you may notice, some of our streets in PCP are being resurfaced too. Kudos to Community Redevelopment Agency for enlarging the project even more than we were promised. It is very smart to strike when the iron is hot. While this Real Estate market is escalating and developers are still pushing new projects forward, we will have our area LOOKING GOOD!

The best investment a person can make during the active part of their life is to invest in THEMSELVES!! Take a course, read a book, or go to a seminar on a productive effort. That investment never loses money, and nobody can take it from you. It may enrich you for the rest of your life. If you wont do it yourself, for whatever puny reason you may have, then encourage a spouse, a child or employee to do it. You may get an indirect benefit from it, and they will be enriched. Remember, any education on any subject is better than none, and the more diverse your range of knowledge in this world, the more adaptable you become in any given situation in which you may be faced. One way or another, you will be able to take all your new knowledge to the bank if you apply it correctly, as an enterprise on its own or as an enhancement to an existing enterprise. Even art, music or crafts can be very valuable if you dont want to take business study. Just dont sit and vegetate after work. That is for vegetables. Say! How about growing vegetables? But first, study the issue, to do it right. I know a man who once was a sinner, and that man once was a drunk, and that man once was a loser, but he went out one day and made an Altar out of a stump...........I believe he must have taken carpentry classes. Then, of course there was the wrestler who studied political science, then became the Governor of Minnesota, who inspired the weightlifter to study acting so that he would be qualified to be the Governor of Colliefornia. (I think that is how he pronounces it.) 

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MARCHS Featured Business 
Our home town paper has been around a long time giving us good local news and opinions, as well as a wonderful advertising media for our rental, purchase and sales needs. We should respect it and support it. We may not always agree with their opinions. So what, everyone has one of those, and we can give them ours too. Buy a subscription, or place an Ad. It will be good for your business as well.

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